Saturday afternoon, enjoyMINT.

I think everyone in the area would agree that this has been an interesting year weather wise. Our summer was not the warmest and this fall has been unusually warm. This weekend (naturally on our weekend off) most of the state was forecasting rain. We made the best of it by checking out the new Sylvan Hill Mountain Bike Park in the morning while the rain held off then strolling around downtown Wausau.

After an exciting yet challenging ride at Sylvan hill we built up an appetite and decided to check out The Mint Cafe. I know I know, for all you locals your probably gasping and thinking “You live here and haven’t tried The Mint?” Well our experience was fantastic. We knew we picked a hot spot because when we walked in there was a bit of a wait but it was well worth it. Located at 422 3rd Street Wausau, this cafe was established in 1888!

Image result for the mint cafe wausau

There were so many delicious options to choose from. We started with a cup of chili which was very good! Oliver got the Malibu chicken sandwich and I got the turkey and swiss croissant sandwich. Normally I am one to like my food saucy and covered in ketchup I thought I would need something on this since it was just carved turkey and melted swiss but it was delicious on it own!

Sitting at this adorable table looking at the memorabilia got my love of history and nerdy brain thinking “WOW this cafe opened in 1888” think of all the historic events that have happened since then! The Titanic sinking, both world wars, all the decades and how trends have changed. I sat with a movie montage playing in my head of all these people coming in eating and socializing what they would have been wearing and talking about and here I am apart of that.

When the friendly waitress came by to ask if we saved room for dessert our normal response would be “no, we’re way too full” but this time we decided to go for it! Oliver got strawberry cheesecake and naturally I had to get mint chip ice cream. I mean its the mint cafe its only fitting! I left full, happy, and the taste of mint on my tongue.

Check out The Mint and other great restaurants in downtown Wausau’s River District starting this week until Friday October 20.

Happy Dining!

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