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Sylvan Hill Mountain Bike Park


Sylvan Hill Mountain Bike Park opened  August 31, 2017 as a great addition to Wausau Wisconsin. With national recognition as a world class course. This loop trail system has around three miles of trails with four downhill options for riders with different skill levels. This bike park includes a pump track, a small skills area to help riders hone their abilities and the large loop system circling the park. At this time the park is maintenance with a fee to riders by a donation box at the trail head.

How to Find the Park

The trail head to the park is located at 3298 Coates Lane Wausau, WI 54403

To access the trail system riders should park at the trail head parking lot. This lot is located at the top of Sylvan Hill in the very southeast corner of the property next to the softball fields. 


The Trails

The park consists of a pump track, skills area and a loop trail system. The main outer loop is the Green “Easy” trail and the 3 other trails branch off this loop at the trail head area and reconnect at the bottom of the hill. All the branch off trails start with a filter that you must complete to ensure you have the necessary skills to accomplish the trail. All trails are one-way downhill style.


Pump Track

Pump Track:

A small area with rolling mounds and large turning banks set up in a loop style track. This is a fun section to play around in and warm up for the trails. This is similar to a small dirtbike / bmx racing course.

Skills Area:

This is a very small spot of the park with a couple rock piles and jumps to test or tune your skills. Its a fun spot to play around for a bit where you don’t have to worry about a big fall if you get too crazy.


Green Trail:

Sylvan’s Loop is the “Easy” trail that loops the entire park and connects to the other trails. Don’t underestimate the word easy! This trail has steep down hill slopes, sharp turns, rolling hills and a few small wood bridges. This trail will test your endurance especially on the way back up to the top. Take this trail first to get an overview and a feeling for the park. Even one loop on this trail is enough for some but with the roller coaster like feel you’ll definitely want to ride again.

As beginner to intermediate mountain bikers the Green Trail was enough for us at the time so we do not have much of an opinion on the other trails. They look very exciting and challenging for skilled riders. We would like to one day work up to these. At an average fitness level our blogs will focus on our capabilities and experiences. Kudos to all the extreme riders out there who can complete the more advanced trails without a trip to the E.R.

Blue Trail:

Bad Rabbit more difficult trail.

Orange Trail:

Twisted Oak black diamond trail

Red Trail:

Fish Hook double black diamond trail (Expert Only) Very Large Jumps & Gaps through downhill course.


Red Trail (Fishhook) Filter for Trail


Trail Filter So You Know What To Expect On The Trail

We are very excited to have this addition to our area. This was a thrilling adventure and a great way to spend a nice afternoon. We highly recommend you check this out!

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You can download a Trail Map here: 


More information can be found on the City of Wausau Website: http://www.ci.wausau.wi.us/Departments/Parks/CurrentRecreationPlans/SylvanHillBikeTrails.aspx

Featured in USA Today:


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